Textiles crafted with precision and purpose.

Our Contract Sewing services fuse hands-on manufacturing with modern, multi-functional designs. Tsuga's team of expert textile designers and manufacturers utilize industry-leading technologies to efficiently create soft goods with long-lasting durability. 


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Single Needle Lockstitch

Known for its simplicity and reliability, can be made quickly without sacrificing quality, strength, or integrity of materials. 

Cylinder Bed Stitch

Tsuga's cylinder bed sewing machine allows our team to stitch challenging designs while maintaining high manufacturing standards. Cylinder bed stitches allow for malleability when working with unique or abstract patterns.

Double Needle Lockstitch

Similar to the Single Needle, the Double Needle Lockstitch is an efficient and effective method for sewing light to moderately heavy materials.


Bar tacks are a reinforcement stitch used to fortify areas that may be prone to stress.

Overlock Serger

Overlock stitches are used for edging and seaming. Tsuga's overlock serger helps us ensure each product is built with top-notch, professionalized stitches.

Box X Tracker

The Box X Stitch is most commonly used for sewing together straps, handles, and other weight-bearing attachments. Our box tracker allows us to create box stitches with precision and speed.

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