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Who we are

We create to play and we play to create. We're a team of bikers, climbers, builders, outdoor enthusiasts, creative thinkers, and go-getters. Our experiences outside the shop inspire us to create products that solve problems and make life better, for us and for others. We build gear designed to make life easier and more enjoyable; gear that will do the job today and many years from now. 


We help others succeed through our custom design and consultation, contract cutting, and sewing services, all based in Boone, North Carolina. Tsuga is here to make life fuller for our customers, our clients, and our team. The best part? We're having a damn good time doing it.

How it started

Tsuga was founded in 2008 by outdoor enthusiast and industry expert Jimi Combs. Jimi started off building high-end canopies designed to "make time spent outdoors even more enjoyable and trouble-free." As we started to grow, so did our product line. We started making some utility bags. Then some totes. Then some custom gear for companies throughout our community in Western North Carolina. Within a few years, our small canopy brand transformed into a two-part business split between our shop and our design services. 

How it's going

Tsuga is more united, inspired, creative, and driven than ever before. We never anticipated being where we are now and are incredibly grateful for all of the people and communities that have played a role in helping us get to this point. We have a feeling it's just the beginning, and hope you'll stick around for the ride. 

Sign up and swing by

Sign up for a tour of the Tsuga factory and come meet the makers and check out our custom design services and outdoor gear production. 

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