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Whether you need to cut textiles, plastics, rubber, foam, or any other flexible soft goods, let Tsuga take care of the work for you. Our team of designers and technicians have the technology and experience you need to revitalize your production process, optimize materials, speed production times, and enhance product quality. 

Automated Eastman CNC cut table

OptiTex digital cutting software

Automated strip cutter


Contract Cutting

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We help others produce factory-grade, handmade products right here in the US. Tsuga's team of expert textile designers and manufacturers utilize industry-leading technologies to efficiently create high-quality, durable products.

Small production runs

Large production runs

Programmable tacker

Over 15 industrial-grade sewing machines 

Contract Sewing

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Custom Design

We solve complex problems and help others turn concepts into high-quality products. 

Live concept drawing

Rapid prototyping

3D Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Cost analysis and consulting

3D Printing

Tech Pack development and delivery